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hi my phone went crazy the other nite touch screen went un responsive and it was like there was a ghost using my phone However the main problem is that when people ring me it rings once on there side then goes straight ti voicemail.i have...Dental chair won t go down
Phone will audibly ring or vibrate; Option to answer or decline the call does not appear; If you open the Phone application while the phone is still ringing, you see an option to "return to call in progress" Environment. All Republic 1.0/2.0 phones (excluding DEFY XT) Resolution. Open Settings ; Tap Sounds & Notifications; Tap App Notifications ...

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I have a Oneplus 7 on vodafone - recently I have been receiving one ring calls that are then going to voicemail. Also I have been unable to successfully call out. Where I am getting a beep and then the call is disconnected. If I reboot my phone it works for a while but then stops again within a few hours.

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Mar 19, 2015 · About a year ago, when someone phones my landline, it rings for a while and then a voice message kicks in, requesting to leave a message. It was never like this, and we don't want this. We want the...

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Hi everyone Had my iPhone for a week now, and love it, however since I got it, every time I MAke or receive a call it automatical is on loudspeaker. I have turned it off during a call, but as soon as I end the call and make or receive another call it's on loudspeaker again.

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Jan 11, 2018 · Here we go. Method 1: Call the Contact. The first method which makes to our guide of how do you know if someone blocked your number is calling the contact. When you make the call, you have to observe what is happening when you made the call. Whether the phone is ringing normally or it rang once and your call being diverted to the voicemail.

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if it goes straight to voicemail the phone is usually turned off or without a signal. Blocked calls or disconnected numbers don't play a voicemail. I have seen a person's voicemail play the providers default before a couple times when I know they are supposed to have a recorded message.

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Mar 02, 2020 · Note that this method doesn’t actually block robocalls. It will simply stop the phone from ringing. The caller will be sent to your voicemail though, and their number will show up in your Recents. Go to Settings then Phone. About half-way down, tap on the slider button next to Silence Unknown Callers.

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ASAP!1.which data type is integer?2.What are the advantages of digital databases compared to non-digital databases such as e.g. printed phone … book etc...3.Give an example of at least one information system you know or have heard of.I'm giving a Brainliest.

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Set the number of rings to answer incoming faxes: If you have an answering machine, allow it to answer all calls first so the printer can detect the fax tones after the machine answers the call. Change the Rings to Answer setting to a higher number of rings than the answering machine is set for.

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Nov 21, 2012 · When the person fails to answer, generally it will go to voicemail after 4-5 rings. If the cell phone is off, or the person is out of coverage, it will go directly to voicemail. Also, if the person...

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From my understanding of your fault i.e new phone unplugged service works OK, phone plugged in rings once & then trips (Ring Trip). Disconnect line cord from the telephone end so you just have the line cord. Plug line cord in to new wall socket, and make a call. If ring trips then the wall socket is faulty, only when cord plugged in

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