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I was driving my 2001 prius with 185k on it and the red triangle along with the check engine and the parking brake light came on. In the display... The !-triangle and !-car are often associated with the hybrid control system, and a "generic" scan tool won't always be able to talk to that system.1993 toyota tercel no spark
Yes, but you do not normally get both warning lights (WSP and Traction control) for a steering column wiring and/or clockspring problem. Both warning lights usually indicate a problem with the wheel hub wiring or sensors.

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stock truck..the check engine light is on now with a p0300 stored..if it were a specific coil or injector i'd have a specific cylinder misfire, right? otherwise, the truck runs perfect, burns no oil, and has 100% power..i might try a new TPS and MAP sensor this afternoon and see if it helps at all, i figure it can't hurt to replace 7 year old original parts anyway. usually when it sputters if ...

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Check engine light came on; disabled air bag light came on; seat belt light came on (all while driving)- disabled auto park, disabled backup camera brakes when sensors reach red zone, KEY FOB control start did not work. No working auto lock doors, radio continues to freeze. Service fix: (14 total days) Replace airbag module.

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Traction control light. So why on earth would you want to turn off a system that is designed to keep you safer? To turn off both TCS and StabiliTrak, press and hold the button (car with wiggly lines) in the center stack until the TC and Traction Control lights illuminate in the instrument cluster and the...

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Traction and Stability control systems will be shut down until this light is addressed. Once repaired, the remaining systems will reactivate and their indicator lights will resolve themselves. We have even seen a 4LO light activated by the check engine light, although it is a rare occurrence.

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Injectors bad; check injectors, remove injection lines and crank engine. Do any of the injector feed tubes pump compression back out while cranking? If you have checked the fuel galley pressure and it is good, then you can try the following; after the vehicle sits overnight start the engine and as soon...

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The traction control system utilizes your anti-lock Your check engine light may appear for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it can indicate a serious issue and require you to pull over immediately. In most vehicles, a flashing check engine light signals that you have a serious problem that could...

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Whether you're looking to maintain, optimize, or upgrade, we offer competitive pricing on Tuff Country Traction Bars (Black) - 30997 for your Truck or Jeep at 4 Wheel Parts.

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The "Check Engine" light may or may not also be lit. Have the car scanned for trouble codes. With so many possibilities that affect the ETC and engine speed, having the trouble codes goes a long way toward narrowing down the problem -- which may be as simple as replacing the air filter or replacing the ETC sensor, especially if you have a heavy ...

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Jul 12, 2019 · The RAM 1500 check engine light should reset automatically during this time. Now, just reconnect the black/negative cable. You’re ready to get back to work. If your check engine light is still on after you’ve gone through these steps, you may need to drive for 50 miles or so in order to reset the computer.

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